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Face care

Determining which type of professional facial treatment is the right type for you may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Just identify your biggest skin concerns and be open with your esthetician. The most important thing to do in determining the best salon facial for your skin is to share your concerns with your esthetician and trust their recommendations! There is an array of different face types and benefits. Trusting a beautician is your best bet for safe and fast results.


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Rough texture


Pigment spots
The best facial treatment depends entirely on your skin concerns!


The benefits of a facial treatment depend on the type of treatment you receive. The steps outlined below are followed for all Bioelements facials. Bioelements certified beauticians have undergone long hours of training to provide you with safe, quality care and visible results.

Steps of a facial treatment

Using a makeup remover, we begin by removing your makeup, and this is the first time we will have contact with your skin. This will help us determine the condition of your makeup-free skin and your skin’s sensitivity levels. This step will happen even if you are not wearing makeup.
Once the skin is clean, we perform an in-depth assessment to analyze your skin in more detail. This will help us identify your concerns and maximize the results of your facial treatment.
Depending on your level of sensitivity, we choose the appropriate exfoliation method. Performing any of these options will reveal fresh new skin cells, smooth your skin’s texture, improve the appearance of wrinkles, and hydrate your skin. One of the biggest benefits of facial treatment is the fact that you will receive this exfoliation professionally. Don’t forget: if you feel any discomfort during this step or any part of your face, let us know! It is always allowed to ask questions during your facial treatment and we are always happy to answer you.
Each time we exfoliate, we must then calm the skin. A mask is applied to ensure your skin is calm after the exfoliation or chemical peel. Benefits of a face mask include more supple skin, which makes extractions easier.
If your beautician decides it is necessary, the comedones will be gently removed. Don’t try to do it at home. We softened the skin and we have the right tools to do it without damaging the skin. We also work in a completely sterile environment, which ensures that no dirt or bacteria enter the skin, unlike at home. We eliminate blackheads without leaving marks or scars.
Depending on your skin type, the esthetician will choose the appropriate massage product and custom mix it to target your skin concerns. We will use massage techniques that can help increase circulation, control excess oil production and soften fine lines. This is the right time to release all tensions and relax during this moment of relaxation.

After the massage, we nourish your skin with a custom blended serum or targeted treatment depending on your skin concern. This is where we can really focus on the biggest concern you have with your skin, whether it’s excess oil, visible capillaries, fine lines and wrinkles, or whatever.

Next, a mask is placed directly over the power treatment. The mask drives the active ingredients deep into your skin, helping you get the most out of your facial treatment. In addition, your esthetician will apply this mask using our double brush technique, which is extremely relaxing.
This is the point on the face where your new soft skin will be protected with a targeted serum and moisturizer.