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About us

Luxar Esthétique defines itself as the reference in beauty care in the region. Our services are based on simple principles: – Professionalism – Personalized service – State of the art technology Passionate about the aesthetic world, we are dedicated to our clients in order to achieve results and an experience that meets their expectations. We are constantly investing in our skills as well as our equipment. We are on the lookout for trends and care in a world where technology is changing rapidly. Maude Chamberland, owner and founder, is now an official trainer at Alma Lasers in Quebec and Ontario.

Our engagement

Our commitment is to make people aware of the importance of a professional and safe aesthetic practice while providing the most effective rejuvenation treatments on the market, thus offering you the visible and natural results you are looking for. Our priority is the well-being and satisfaction of our customers. Our service is based on listening, communication and respect in order to promote a unique experience at Luxar Esthétique..



Laser hair removal

We offer Soprano ICE Platinum technology, an inclusive laser for all skin types. Painless, fast and effective, you will certainly be charmed by the efficiency and experience of this service offered by Luxar Esthétique. Are you FINALLY ready to live a hair-free life?

Chemical peel

This treatment consists of lightening and unifying the complexion, tightening the pores of the skin and much more!

Effective and truly personalized, our treatments, such as masks and massages, are effective and provide excellent results. A few drops of our concentrated complexes and therapeutic essential oils can target and solve any skin problem and imperfection.

Get results fast, for all skin types.


The service par excellence to feel a breath of fresh air on your skin! HydraFacial MD® is a non-invasive treatment that removes the dull layer of dead skin cells by:
  • for cleaning,
  • at regeneration,
  • long-term skin protection, and
  • to improve skin tone, a texture and skin appearance.
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Our online store

Shop for your favorite products in the Luxar Esthétique boutique. Since 1991, the Bioelements skin care line has been focused on excellence in aesthetic products. Unlike other lines of anti-aging products created on the pseudo notoriety of doctors based on advertising gimmicks, Bioelements was designed by esthetician Barbara Salomone, the main architect of modern facial care and one of the first estheticians certified in the United States.